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Your friendly music store supporting local musicians since 2003

Paul Reed Smith Guitars is based out of Stevensville, Maryland and has been handcrafting guitars since 1985 with the sole purpose of building the finest instrument hands can build. Click on the links below to learn more about PRS Guitars and the models available at EDH Music.

Click HERE to go learn more about models and specifications at PRS Guitars.

CLICK HERE to browse our guitars that are currently in stock.

Tour the PRS Stevensville factory and learn what goes into a PRS and about the people that craft them.
PRS Core Guitars

"Since 1985 we’ve aimed to push musicians’ expectations of what a guitar can be. USA-Made modern, vintage, and specialty stylings, each model built to our exacting specifications to feel right in your hands & sound great to your ears."
PRS Bolt-On Guitars
Fiore, CE24, Dusty Waring, and Silver Sky models provide the comfort, tone, and build quality any professional or enthusiast can appreciate. Made in the USA.

PRS S2 Guitars
Made in USA guitars designed for the intermediate and professional musician.

PRS SE Guitars
High quality entry level PRS Guitars for students, beginner, intermediate, and working musicians.
PRS tube amps take the attention to detail PRS is famous for and aims it at guitar amplification to create an array of stunning sonic signatures from classic clean to heavy gain.
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916-939-0440      873 Embarcadero Drive, Suites 1 & 2, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762